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CodaPet was created by veterinarians like you to advance compassionate, end-of-life care and end the burnout among veterinary professionals.

CodaPet connects independent veterinarians to pet owners seeking an at-home option for end-of-life care and euthanasia. Veterinarians on our platform take home an average of about $370 per visit, maintain control over their own schedules, and avoid the administrative and marketing headaches that come with managing a business on your own


Greater quality of
life with more
flexibility & income


Own Your Schedule


You control when (and how much) you want to work. Whether you’re looking to hustle full-time or just pick up a few extra clients during a free afternoon or weekend, you determine the days and hours that you want to book clients.

Is In-Home Euthanasia the Right Fit for You?

To start offering in-home euthanasia on CodaPet, every veterinarian needs three things:


Compassion and empathy for pets and their owners


An active veterinary license in the State(s) you wish to operate


Access to suitable transportation to visit your client’s homes

Beyond those three non-negotiable, CodaPet can support you in obtaining all of the other supplies, drugs, and essentials that you’ll need Learn More .

In fact, we support a diverse group of veterinary professionals providing in-home euthanasia services in their communities, including:


Full- and Part-Time Clinical Veterinarians

We work with veterinarians looking to supplement their part-time clinical work, as well as vets – like Dr. Gary Hsia, a former 9am-6pm clinical veterinarian who transitioned to in-home euthanasia so he had the flexibility to spend more time with his children.


Mobile and Ambulatory Practice Owners

We work with veterinarians who are already providing mobile or ambulatory care – like Dr. Christine White, who (after 17 years of running her own practice) decided she wanted to beat the burnout and begin offering in-home euthanasia.


Emergency Room and Urgent-Care Vets

We work with emergency and urgent-care veterinarians – like Dr. Jenny Tovar, who continues to work part-time in general and emergency practice at a local animal hospital while growing her in-home euthanasia practice in her community.


Public Practice and Government Veterinarians

We work with veterinarians who’ve dedicated years to public service – like Dr. Karen Whala, who took a four-year hiatus from private practice to work in Food Safety and Inspection Services before launching her own in-home euthanasia business.


Full-Time Parents Rejoining the Workforce

We work with veterinarians who are balancing the realities of parenthood with the rewards of veterinary service – like Dr. Bethany Hsia, who worked at a full-time veterinarian before transitioning to a full-time mom offering in-home euthanasia.

Codapet Network

Hear from DVMs like you

Dream Team

"Working with Codapet has been a breath of fresh air. I couldn’t ask for a more supportive and innovative team. They have been a dream team to work with, helping me with administrative, marketing and tech support. They are unselfishly rooting for the success of my career and Codapet in a new location.”


Oct 2022

Nothing but support, encouragement, and gratitude

"Since I started working with Codapet I have begun to experience some of the variability that comes with independent contract work. I have received nothing but support, encouragement and gratitude from all involved and look forward to this partnership."


Dec 2022

Nothing but support, encouragement, and gratitude

Joining the Codapet team was not only professionally rewarding, but it was also an easy transition to being a part of an amazing organization. After deciding to add this service to my traditional clinical practice, it was just a short period of time before I was set up and comfortable performing in-home euthanasia. Codapet made it so simple to get started by providing very detailed materials and documents, along with videos, that provided an easy step-by-step process to get started. Any questions I had were quickly addressed and there was great support staff to help get me going. I was also able to shadow a couple local doctors that immediately made me more comfortable.Codapet has been a wonderful opportunity to work as an independent contractor, setting my own work hours, providing great economic opportunity, all while providing an extremely appreciated and rewarding service to pet owners. I would whole-heartedly recommend joining the Codapet team to any veterinarian considering entering this ever expanding area of vet medicine.


Oct 2023

Articles by our IHE vet community

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US FTC is Banning Non-competes Nationwide: What This Means For Veterinary Professionals

On April 23, 2024, The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) announced a ruling that bans noncompete agreements in certain professions, including veterinary professionals. The FTC ruling banning noncompetes means that veterinary professionals may have more freedom to pursue better and additional job opportunities without being restricted by non-compete agreements.
Dr. Karen Whala

April 25, 2024

The Community Impact of In-Home Pet Euthanasia

In-home pet euthanasia is a service provided by veterinarians who perform the procedure in the comfort and familiar surroundings of a pet’s home. This is often a preferred choice for families with an ailing or elderly pet.
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February 03, 2024

​​Becoming an In-Home Pet Euthanasia Veterinarian

In recent years, the demand for in-home pet euthanasia services has been on the rise. As more pet owners seek compassionate and convenient end-of-life care for their beloved pets, the niche of in-home pet euthanasia veterinarian has emerged as an attractive option for veterinarians seeking a better work-life balance and economic empowerment.
Dr. Bethany Hsia

February 03, 2024

Why Join CodaPet?

CodaPet is a network of veterinarians that provide in-home pet euthanasia and end-of-life care. CodaPet’s platform connects pet owners with a compassionate, licensed veterinarian in their area.
Dr. Bethany Hsia

February 03, 2024

Why veterinarians should consider becoming a freelancer

Freelancing as a veterinarian can offer unique benefits and advantages. Freelance veterinary work can include a variety of different jobs from relief at a day practice or emergency clinic to opportunities in education such as teaching in vocational colleges or medical writing.
Dr. Bethany Hsia

January 25, 2024

A Peek Into An Average Day of a Mobile Veterinarian

Mobile veterinarians have unique and demanding schedules that differ from traditional clinic-based veterinarians. Their days are often filled with a variety of appointments, travel, and client interactions. Learn more about the average day of a mobile veterinarian.
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January 25, 2024

Five Side Gigs for Vets

Veterinarians, like many professionals, often seek additional income streams outside their primary occupation. Here are a few side gigs that can help veterinarians find the missing piece whether that be a change of pace, job satisfaction, or extra income while utilizing their skills and expertise.
Dr. Bethany Hsia

January 23, 2024

Ten Part-time Jobs for Veterinarians

Do you desire to share authentic moments of connection with grateful pet parents, have ample time within each appointment and minimal administrative work? If so, we’d love to have you join the CodaPet network and find a change of pace, professional satisfaction, and extra income.
Dr. Karen Whala

January 23, 2024

In-Home Pet Euthanasia Veterinarian Career

Founded and owned by veterinarians, we recognize that pets are more than just animals — they're beloved family members. That's why we prioritize meaningful connections with pets, pet parents, and the community. Join our network of compassionate veterinarians where meaningful work and authentic connections help you thrive.
Dr. Karen Whala

January 18, 2024

How much money does a veterinarian make per hour?

Veterinarians in the U.S. experience a wide range of hourly earnings, influenced by geographic location, industry sector, and gig work, with rates varying from a median of $50 to over $185 for specialized roles like at-home euthanasia. This report highlights the diverse financial landscape and opportunities within both traditional and gig-based veterinary roles.
Dr. Karen Whala

January 16, 2024


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