Why Join CodaPet?

CodaPet is a network of veterinarians that provide in-home pet euthanasia and end-of-life care. CodaPet’s platform connects pet owners with a compassionate, licensed veterinarian in their area. CodaPet was founded by veterinarians with the mission of providing career flexibility and economic empowerment to all veterinarians.

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CodaPet has invested significantly in developing user-friendly technology to streamline the process of connecting veterinarians with pet parents seeking end-of-life care. The platform’s mobile-friendly website provide a seamless experience for both pet owners and veterinarians. The product allows pet parents to search for nearby veterinarians, book appointments, and make payments securely.

CodaPet understands that excellent customer service is crucial for serving pet parents and that compassionate care coordinators are crucial for maintaining a strong network of veterinarians. The company offers a 24/7 toll-free customer support line to consumers to address any questions and concerns that a pet parent might have, freeing up the veterinarian’s time. The CodaPet team is accessible and available to the veterinarian for support with technical issues, providing guidance on best practices, and helping with administration. By prioritizing customer service, CodaPet ensures that its network of veterinarians have the tools and resources to succeed in their practices and can focus their time on the pets and pet parents.

CodaPet employs various marketing strategies to inform pet parents of the services provided by our network of veterinarians. These strategies are comprehensive; including online marketing and offline marketing as well as branded and unbranded awareness. By leveraging these techniques, CodaPet is able to attract pet parents, support them through the decision-making process, and guide them to booking an appointment with one of the veterinarians in CodaPet’s network.

Payment for services is often an uncomfortable topic and is not any easier when considering end-of-life services. CodaPet understands the importance of providing a seamless payment process for both pet parents and veterinarians. Prior to the appointment, CodaPet gives the client a detailed quote based on their selections for aftercare and any extras such as memorabilia or additional travel fees. To book the appointment the client enters their digital payment information. After the appointment, the veterinarian reviews and finalizes the charges securely ensuring quick and accurate payment. By offering personalized quotes and digital payments, CodaPet is able to assist veterinarians in providing the best possible care for pets, without needing to discuss finances or worry about administrative tasks.

If you join CodaPet’s network of veterinarians, you’ll discover how CodaPet supports the fastest-growing network of veterinarians.