Pet Loss

A cat is peacefully sleeping in a bed with a gray blanket.

Understanding The Death of a Pet: Before, During, and After

Just as the beginning of life and birth story is unique to each individual, so is the journey at the end of life. The progression, transition, and accompanying signs often vary.

October 9, 2023

Pet Loss

Dealing with The Grief of Pet Loss

Dealing with The Grief of Pet Loss

Grief is an important and emotionally healthy part of processing loss. Learn more about what it means to grieve well for your pet, and access resources we’ve collected to help support you.

September 5, 2023

Pet Loss

What to do if my family is in denial of Euthanasia

Help: It’s time to euthanize but my family is in denial

Hopefully given a bit of time and some extra information, your family is able to understand your position.

July 17, 2023

Pet Loss

Grief in Pets - How to Help a Surviving Pet Cope With Loss

Grief in Pets: How to Help a Surviving Pet Cope With Loss

When one pet passes away, the remaining pets may experience feelings of grief and loss. Here are some tips on how to support a pet that is grieving

June 22, 2023

Pet Loss

A cat standing on the ground surrounded by grass and flowers.

Navigating Anticipatory Grief

Explore how to recognize anticipatory grief, develop coping strategies, prepare for the loss of a pet, and the importance of taking time to grieve and honor the enduring bonds shared with our pets.

June 11, 2023

Pet Loss

Pet Loss Support - What Pet Parents Need To Know

Pet Loss Support: What Pet Parents Need To Know

For many of us, pets are more than just companions; they’re family. We can share intense human-animal bonds with our pets. So naturally when we lose a beloved pet, we can experience deep grief.

April 30, 2023

Pet Loss

Two kids are petting their dog at home, which is lying on the floor.

How to help children grieve the loss of a pet

Children react differently to the passing of a pet according to their developmental stage. Here's all you need to know to support your kids at every stage of life

April 17, 2023

Pet Loss