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We understand that choosing what to do with your pet’s remains is an extremely personal decision, and we want to completely honor your wishes. As with every other aspect of your pet’s transition between life and death, your personal preferences and beliefs, as well as cost and local regulations can all affect your decision. Here are several options.


Cremation is the option most often chosen by our pet parents, in part because our CodaPet vets can handle all the cremation details for you, whether you decide on private or communal.

Private Cremation

This makes it possible for us to return the remains of your pet in an urn of your choice. You can then choose to bury the ashes, scatter them, or even transfer them to a decorative urn or other keepsake. If you would prefer water-based cremation (Aquamation) rather than traditional flame based, please ask your CodaPet vet if this is available in your area. If you'd like to consider the different options of urns we offer, please consult with your CodaPet vet before or at the appointment.*Aquamation places your pet’s body in a bath consisting of water and salts that together, hasten the process that would normally occur if your pet had been buried. It takes longer than traditional cremation (up to 24 hours) and has less impact on the environment.

Communal Cremation

We also offer communal cremation options for a lower price. This option ensures your pet is cremated with others and the ashes are ceremoniously spread on the crematorium grounds or another location.


Private Burial

If your city/county regulations allow, you can choose to bury your pet on your personal property. Please check local regulations to see if this is legal in your area.

Cemetery Burial

Many areas have pet cemeteries where you can bury your pet and mark the grave, making it possible for you to visit as you might with any other family member who has passed. If you want to bury your pet in a cemetery, you will need to choose and make arrangements with a local pet cemetery before the euthanasia appointment. Please be sure to let your CodaPet vet know if you have planned for such a burial.

Other Options


Some people choose to preserve a lifelike replica of their pet. If you are interested in this option, we recommend that you ask the taxidermist you plan to use to determine the most ideal method of storing your pet’s remains after passing. Please share this information with your CodaPet veterinarian as soon as possible so they are aware of your wishes.

Charitable Donation

Some people find comfort in knowing that as painful as it is to say goodbye to their pet, his or her remains can provide invaluable learning opportunities for future veterinarians and pet nurses. If that resonates with you, contact a veterinary teaching hospital or university prior to euthanasia to determine their current need. Please be sure to ask them if there is a particular drug that your CodaPet Vet should either use or avoid so that your pet’s condition at the time of passing will remain clear for the students to study. They might also have questions for your regular veterinarian about your pet’s general health and diagnosis.As difficult as it is to think about any of these options, deciding what you want ahead of time will help all concerned to honor your wishes.

Take Our Quality-Of-Life Questionnaire

Dr. Laura Krogman shared her heart with us as she walked us through the most difficult moment. Her tenderness and genuine compassion helped us get through losing our precious pup. He passed into eternity on his favorite blanket, on his favorite sofa, and surrounded by his family. This experience was hard, but Dr. Laura made it (dare I say) beautiful. We are forever grateful! Thank you with all our hearts!

Shelly M

Jul 7, 2024

Dr. Harper was very caring, supportive, took time to explain all the steps in a way that was comforting and respectful.

Al L

Jul 4, 2024

Dr. Christina Vernon was very soothing and gentle with our Sammie. She was very considerate of how hard this was for us as well, explaining every step.

Brenda S

Jul 4, 2024

I've had many many pets in my lifetime. This is the first time I experienced saying goodbye in the comfort of my home. I would never choose to do it any other way again. Dr. Hsia is compassionate, kind and highly professional. My little girl Lottie lived a long life at 17+ yrs of age. I absolutely love my personal Vet, but I didn't want Lottie's last hours to be a car drive across town and waiting in a busy office to be seen. I am grateful for CodaPet and Dr. Hsia.

Mary C

Jul 3, 2024

Dr Christina Vernon was so kind gentle and compassionate she took great care of my Daisy girl who I miss so much ❤️

Jessica K

Jul 3, 2024

Our vet was great. She made the process as smooth as it could be and genuinely cared for our cat. Yeah it was a sad time for us and she guided us through the process and was thoughtful.

Mitchel B

Jul 3, 2024

Dr Lori made the experience less traumatizing for Gunner by making him feel as comfortable as possible.

Curtis B.

Jul 3, 2024

Dr. Lori was very supportive during this tough time, she made sure Gunner was comfortable and didn’t suffer.

Curtis B.

Jul 3, 2024

Dr. Erin Stubble was very caring and professional during the entire process. Losing our beloved Apple wasn’t easy but she made the whole experience better.

George A

Jul 2, 2024

This was the best possible experience we could have had for such a devastating day. Dr. Lauren was kind and thoughtful throughout the whole process even spending time over the phone with us the night before. She was a great listener and comforter. We are so heartbroken to have had to say goodbye to our best boy, but we are so happy we chose this service.

Sondra S

Jul 1, 2024

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